Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fresh Start


My Closet-It looks like a mess but I swear it's neat!
I'm so sorry it has been so long since I have written.....I took an extended spring/summer break but I'm back for good! Back in action, ready to hop to it....and any other corny cliche you can possibly think of.  It's been a very interesting spring/summer filled with way too much Booze, Boys, and Bikini's.  In other words, it's the way summers in your twenties should be but now it's back to Business.  With Fall recently upon us New Yorkers, I cannot think of a better time to start anew.  Oh yeah, I also forgot, a few weeks ago I hit the big 2-5.  I am now in the midst of the chaotic 20's and I'm looking forward to new fashion, adventures, and love in this beautiful city I call home!

Time to rummage through the bottom of my closet and countless shoe boxes in preparation for boots season.  More to come in the next few days. 

Short, sweet, and to the point.



Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Style. Defined.

Over the past year and a half I have experienced the emergence of my style. Rather, I should say that I have become more and more conscious of it in the everyday: what I grab from my closet and put together to the clothing and accessories I buy and covet. Since I am very young, I have always tested the limits of what my peers consider acceptable fashion. I will never forget begging my mother to buy me lime green and colorful floral leggings in the 4th grade. No one else had them, therefore, I needed to have them before anyone else decided to buy them.

Going back to the emergence of style. A year and a half ago (wait, it's actually going to be two years soon!) I graduated from college and since then I have experienced some of the most confusing and tumultuous years of my life. It's safe to say I have tasted and have now accepted the chaos of the 20's. With this chaos, my fashion choices have become most severe and most profound- I now have the most fabulous collection of leather jackets- from studded to what I consider conservative, i.e. Gap, to fur jackets and vests in a spectrum of different colors, more boots than I know what to do with and a gamut of studded everything --from shoes to bags and jewelry. My style has emerged as rock and roll meets motorcycle chic meets tattoo enthusiast meets spoiled princess. I must also throw in there the urban aspect to my style, I am city girl after all.

I'm looking forward to seeing how my chaotic 20's will continue to evolve my style and life choices.

Talk soon.


Picture: (New purchases and New Obsessions!!) Shoes: Sam Edelman Luke Ankle Boot, black leather with spike and gemstone details on the back and buckle detail. Bag: American Apparel American Flag canvas tote (I'm so patriotic) that goes with me everywhere.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Welcome to Taryn's Turn NYC

Welcome to Taryn’s Turn NYC!
For a while I have been thinking of the various ways to start this blog off on the right foot…coincidentally the foot that I always place the high heel on first. This sounds like the right way to start this blog off. A corny fashion joke.
My name is Taryn and I am a 24 year old fashion lover, night life loving, and soon to be law student. I am a born and raised NYC gal and I know all the ins and outs of this beautifully fashioned city and its outer boroughs. I have breathed fashion since the day I was born, thanks to Mom who got me my first leopard string bikini at age 3 and watched as I laid my outfits out on my bed and accessorized them making sure they made a statement, everyday starting at age 4. Not to brag, but I wore the fiercest red plaid school girl skirt with a button down blouse topped with a black vest, and finished off with my favorite white ruffled socks and patent leather Mary-Jane’s on my first day of Kindergarten. I guess you can say I’ve been at this for a while.
Taryn’s Turn NYC is mainly going to cover fashion and my fashion travels throughout NYC and its outer boroughs (I’m a Queens girl but a Brooklyn girl at heart….I can say that because my parents and grandparents were born and raised in Brooklyn) but I feel that I can’t leave out one of the most important things about me…I am in my 20’s. No doubt the 20’s for any girl anywhere and everywhere is a confusing and transitional time in life but my blog’s purpose is to embrace the chaos of the 20’s. It’s a time to explore and take risks both in life and in FASHION. I intend to keep doing that and making the most out of the beauty and wonderful gift of youth.

Talk soon.