Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Style. Defined.

Over the past year and a half I have experienced the emergence of my style. Rather, I should say that I have become more and more conscious of it in the everyday: what I grab from my closet and put together to the clothing and accessories I buy and covet. Since I am very young, I have always tested the limits of what my peers consider acceptable fashion. I will never forget begging my mother to buy me lime green and colorful floral leggings in the 4th grade. No one else had them, therefore, I needed to have them before anyone else decided to buy them.

Going back to the emergence of style. A year and a half ago (wait, it's actually going to be two years soon!) I graduated from college and since then I have experienced some of the most confusing and tumultuous years of my life. It's safe to say I have tasted and have now accepted the chaos of the 20's. With this chaos, my fashion choices have become most severe and most profound- I now have the most fabulous collection of leather jackets- from studded to what I consider conservative, i.e. Gap, to fur jackets and vests in a spectrum of different colors, more boots than I know what to do with and a gamut of studded everything --from shoes to bags and jewelry. My style has emerged as rock and roll meets motorcycle chic meets tattoo enthusiast meets spoiled princess. I must also throw in there the urban aspect to my style, I am city girl after all.

I'm looking forward to seeing how my chaotic 20's will continue to evolve my style and life choices.

Talk soon.


Picture: (New purchases and New Obsessions!!) Shoes: Sam Edelman Luke Ankle Boot, black leather with spike and gemstone details on the back and buckle detail. Bag: American Apparel American Flag canvas tote (I'm so patriotic) that goes with me everywhere.

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